April 2020: inXsol assists Small Business to reconstruct employee contact history and evaluate COVID exposure risk

When an employee realized they have had contact with a COVID positive individual there was a need to reconstruct timelines. With the COVID shutdown, employees are primarily working from home however some trips into the office were necessary. Over the past few weeks there are doubts about when and who were in the same office or client site at the same time.

inXsol applied their ExposureTrack technology to make sense of a group of employee’s location history.

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  • Uses Google Takeout Data
  • Popular feature allows retroactive recovery of location history
  • No new app to install on the phone device
  • Anonymity possible – to the extent that labeling the data set and deciding on who sees results is supported
  • Team/Group/Organizations
  • Private “sandbox” to process your data sets
  • A component of a COVID hiearchy of controls

What control measures can you implement?

  • First – Implement “Source Controls”
    What can you do along the lines of Social Distancing and changing person to person interactions? These measures help control possible sources.

  • Next – Implement “Pathway Controls”
    Examples are barriers (plexiglass/acrylic), ventilation – how is your HVAC configured?

  • “Receptor” Controls
    You are a receptor – as a final least preferred option, what personal protective equipment (PPE) can protect the worker.

How can a person become infected by COVID-19? [Learn More]

  • By Contact
    If the virus is on an object like a doorknob, elevator button, credit card signature pad etc. and your fingers transfer it to your nose or eyes inadvertently.

  • Through Droplets
    When someone nearby sneezes or coughs, especially if that person takes no measure to contain the cough/sneeze or is not wearing a mask. The droplets expelled and propelled if they land on your face and mucous membranes can infect you.

  • Airborne
    The virus can be suspended in the air and travel like dust particles. This is where the general 6 foot distancing rule came from but there are many variabilities in airflow dynamics in any situation.
  • Aerosol
    Similar to Airborne, when the virus droplets are so small that buoyant forces overcome gravity allowing the infection to stay suspended in the air for a longer period. [Learn More]

Contact Tracing

Tools to perfrom Contact Tracing

How to do Contact Tracing for your group

Contact Tracing/Intersect Tool
We enable you to use Google Location History to do Contact Tracing.

COVID - What Controls Can Help a Business

What is a Control and how can it help me and my employees?

Understanding the Hiearachy of Controls

Hiearachy of Controls – 101
Controls are a spectrum of measures you can take to minimize the risk of exposure. Click to learn more.

Location History

Location History is key to being able to process intersects.

Your Location History

Learn how to enable or download your location history.

Google Takeout